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Cooking Classes

Chef Maria’s Greek Deli Offers Festive Cooking Classes in Louisville

November 4, 2014 – 12:54pm by Erin Nevitt

Chef Maria of Chef Maria’s Greek Deli offers fun and festive cooking classes for those in Louisville looking for something different to do together. She says, “my classes are very informative, educational, funny and you can BYOB.” Yes!

Chef Maria is hosting a cooking class this Wednesday, November 5 and again on Saturday, November 15. The class starts at 6:30pm at her deli in St. Matthews. These two classes are the last ones of a six week series she has been having. After that, she will offer private classes every Monday night for 5-16 students. The focus will be on participants wanting to learn the art of desserts and dips for the holidays. Give it a whirl!

Chef Maria’s cooking classes sound like a great way to spend some time together with a friend, your teen daughter or son, your significant other, or a group of friends or coworkers in some team bonding! Leading up to the busy-ness of the holidays approaching, it seems like a great way to slow down for a couple of hours and relish time together, learning something new in the process.

You can find out more about Chef Maria’s Greek Deli at her website, on her Facebook page, or by calling 502-895-7075. Chef Maria promptly responded to a FB message I sent her; she is very interested in helping others learn the art of Greek cooking and food preparation and would love to have you in her class.


Bruce and I enjoyed Chef Maria’s cooking class a few months ago, and after watching her manner of preparation and the top notch ingredients she insists upon, we were impressed, not to mention that our taste buds were dancing. You won’t get Greek or Mediterranean food this fabulous in a grocery store. Stop by her place in St. Matthews and take home some L-O-V-E (great food)!!!!” - Kay Chambers


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